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If you want to experience, from a safe distance, the multitude of life living under the warm, 80-degree waters of the Cayman Islands, then snorkeling is just the thing for you! All that's required is a snorkel, mask, and fins (if you want to swim with the grace and speed of the fish you observe). Snorkeling trips, via boat, Jet Ski, or catamaran, can be arranged by the Adventure Grand Cayman Beach Suites Concierge. If you want to snorkel the way the local do, just slap on the mask, strap on the fins, get the snorkel in place, and walk into the water directly from the beach!

There are many places to snorkel, Eden Rock, Smith Cove, Stingray City and Sandbar, and Rum Point, to name a few. Cemetery Beach is one of the more popular sites because of its proximity to a reef, only 40 feet out! If you are feeling brave, bring some fish food with you and watch how the fish swarm! If you want to see the fish swarm, but not around you, have a companion bring the food. Some of the splendours that you will see are the many species of coral, Parrot Fish, Sea Turtles, and Stingrays.

There are also many shipwrecks around Grand Cayman that have become artificial reefs and house all sorts of fish and sea life. One of the more popular wrecks is the Wreck of Cali. Once and old freighter, the ship sank right off the shores of George Town. Legend has it that the Cali was carrying rice. As the ship started to sink, taking on water, the rice began to expand eventually causing the boat to explode!

The Cali now rests on the sea floor with its ribs exposed. It has become a home to eels, octopus, sea urchins, fish, and a multitude of other creatures.

Snorkel gear can be rented at Red Sail Sports Dive Shop or purchases at their Flagship location, both are located in the Beach suites complex.

The Grand Cayman Beach Suites hotel can arrange a snorkeling trip for you in Grand Cayman. To speak to one of our staff regarding this please call+1 345 949 123

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